Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New Motorway Laws For Drivers!!

New laws now brought in mean that police can issue on-the-spot penalties for tailgating and lane-hogging.

Tailgating is when someone drives too close to the car in front usually trying to force the driver in front to speed up or move lanes.
Lane hogging is when drivers use the middle lane as a 'cruising lane' and drive too slowly. This is dangerous as it can force vehicles behind to slow down too quickly.

These two driver pet hates inconvenience and frustrate motorists, but police will now be able to instantly issue a reckless driver with 3 penalty points and up to £100 fine. It's also notifiable to your insurance company and will almost certainly increase your insurance premium.

According to AA surveys 29% of people admit to hogging the middle lane.

To avoid these fines.
Keep a safe distance from the car in front. (We recommend the '2 second rule' where you stay at least 2 seconds behind the car in front.
Don't cruise in the middle lane, move to the inside lane, only use the middle and outside lanes for overtaking.

It should be all good news for driver's but how it's going to be policed is still to be seen??

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