Friday, December 02, 2011

Winter Tips & 2011 Xmas Opening Hours

The last 2 winters have been some of the coldest in history causing havoc around the country and large claims for insurance companies. Here we bring you some top tips:

Top tips for homeowners.

  • Check for loose tiles on the roof. This can be done from the ground or in the loft where drips of water or gaps letting in the light are tell-tale signs of missing tiles.

  • Ensure the chimney stack is safe. Again, this can usually be done from the ground.

  • Check that guttering is in order and not blocked with leaves. If it’s blocked water can make its way inside a property causing damage. DIY stores sell leaf guards to prevent blockage. Essential if there are trees nearby.

  • Aerials and satellite dishes need to be securely fixed.

  • Weak fences and posts should be secured to minimise the risk of causing damage to other parts of a property if blown down in the wind.

  • Trees should be checked to ensure that any overhanging branches are cut back and can’t damage a home or neighbouring property should they fall in a storm.

  • Garden furniture should be stored safely away so that it can’t get blown around in a storm.

  • Outside taps should be turned off from inside the house and the pipe drained to avoid a burst if it freezes.

Top tips for motorists.

  • Get the car serviced. Fixing any mechanical problems now will hopefully reduce the risk of a break down at a later date.

  • Pump up the tyres. The current legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but during the winter months it is a sensible idea to ensure your tyres have at least 3mm of tread depth.

  • Check the lights are working properly so drivers can see and be seen.

  • Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition so that drivers can see out of the windscreen.

  • Prepare a survival kit to include torch, spade, blankets, food and water, ice scraper and de-icer, and first-aid kit in case of emergencies such as breakdown or being trapped in snow.

  • Only essential journeys should be contemplated if severe weather is forecast.

    Top tip: Haynes motoring manuals suggest cleaning the wiping edges of wiper blades with tissue dipped in neat screen wash additive. This will help to stop smearing and prolong their life.

Christmas Opening Hours.

We would like to thank all our customers for your continued support throughout 2011 and hope to bring you great products, services and competitive premiums again in 2011 !!!!!

Dates & Opening Hours.

Thu 22nd Dec. 9-4
Fri 23rd Dec. 9-5
Sat 24th Dec. 9-12
Sun 25th Dec. Xmas Day - We better be closed.
Mon 26th Dec. Boxing Day - Closed, another day to recoup.
Tue 27th Dec. Closed.
Wed 28th Dec. 9-12
Thu 29th Dec. 9-12
Fri 30th Dec. 9-12
Sat 31st Dec. 9-12
Sun 1st Jan 12. New Years Day, Closed, Probably recovering from hangovers.
Mon 2nd Jan. Closed.
Tue 3rd Jan. 9-5 Back to work as normal, fresh from the break !!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone and have a great New Year !!!!!

Gary Hodgson & all at GJT Hodgson Insurance Services

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