Saturday, October 07, 2006

Allianz Cornhill To Offer Recycled Parts In Repairs

Allianz Cornhill has launched a three month pilot project to test the use of recycled parts in repairing vehicles. From 1 October 2006 policyholders from the public and commercial sectors, who own vehicles of five years and older, will be invited to consider the use of recycled parts to repair their vehicles. The insurer said that as well as reducing the environmental impact of repairing vehicles, it would look at whether the scheme helps to reduce claim costs. Allianz Cornhill said 'The use of recycled parts will be entirely voluntary. Policyholders will have a 24-hour cooling-off period during which time they can change their minds and decide for or against using recycled parts.' The parts will be distributed by vehicle salvager Car Transplants to the ten Allianz Cornhill approved repairers from across the country that are taking part in the pilot.

Many companies have been trying this recently without much success and we cant see it working for the long term. We feel if customers want their vehicle repaired they will want them repaired with the same spec parts they had on their vehicle before. If insurance companies want to make a go of it they must covince the public the parts are just as good as originals, 'recycled parts' just don't seem quite that safe!!

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