Saturday, May 14, 2005

Motor Cycle Insurance For People Over 50

Many insurance companies now are looking very carefully at how they rate premiums for motorcycles for people over the age of 50 who have not ridden a biike for years. The reason basically is that vthe statistics have shown an alarming rise in older bikers killed in road accidents. This is mainly because these bikers now have more money to buy bigger bikes than they did when they were 16 but the power and performance of the bikes is far higher than the equivalent bikes were back then. Plus there is a lot more traffic and faster roads. If a dog runs out in front of a car at 80mph you kill the dog. If a dog runs out in front of a bike at 80 mph the biker is killed or at the least usually injured

I have just started biking again after 30 plus years and I drive very warily and defensively and would advise all older "born again bikers" to stand back and acceot that the bikes are now different and you wiill enjoy safe biking for many years

Be safe

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Graham Hodgson
Company Director

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