Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Escape Of Water Campaign

With winter now well and truly here, we are reminding customers about the importance of taking simple measures in helping stop the escape of water through freezing pipes and joints, leaks and internal flooding. Sudden freezes can and do cause havoc with thousands of homes and businesses, causing millions of pounds of damage and untold disruption and destruction to customers.
We should know, in the last 6 months we had an escape of water claim in our office. A washing machine leaked from a flat above, although maybe not a lot of water from a single wash, it caused nearly £5,000 worth of damage to electrical equipment, computers and general contents. It took weeks to get the office running back smoothly again and this was a fairly minor incident compared to some.

While we cant control the weather, we can help ourselves by reducing the risk in the first place. We have teamed up with one of our partner insurers Fortis to bring some handy hints and tips in how to avoid an Escape Of Water disaster striking you.

Escape of water insurance claims costs are spiralling and ultimately it will be customer who will pay the premium in increased premiums. In 2008 3 out of 10 claims were for Escape of water incidents and claims costs have doubled from £46 million in 2006 to £93 last year, so it's a growing concern.

To help you, just click here which takes you to the Fortis Insurance website and download your FREE toolkit, and make sure you are not one of those above stats. There is one which is aimed at private homeowners and one which is for business owners.
Good luck with it and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

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